STLI Fellowship Program

STLI Fellowship Program

Funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation’s New President’s grant that supports institutional priorities identified by President Katherine Rowe, the STLI Faculty Fellows serve as pedagogical leaders and collaborators to support instructors across the university. The fellows share their experience, mentor instructors across disciplines, serve as group facilitators or session presenters during course development seminars, and design and offer professional learning opportunities on innovative teaching practices. Looking ahead, the fellows will branch out in their own disciplines and develop workshops and programming focused on mental health issues, student engagement and more – widening the studio’s scope and strengthen the community of educators.

‘22 – 23 Excellence in Teaching Fellows

Catherine Brix

Laura Heymann

Ting Huang

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With more than 20 years at William & Mary, Mike's favorite type of projects are those that combine storytelling and technology. His current areas of focus are developing communities of practice and designing collaborative pathways for effective teaching and learning.