Teaching Flexibility Guide

Teaching Flexibility Guide

As we prepare for a new year filled with the potential for “onwards to better,” we also recognize the possibility that conditions may change. As Andrzej Majewski said, “If you do not want it to rain, always carry an umbrella.” In the spirit of being prepared, and hoping we won’t need to, STLI has curated the following collection of materials to help us provide flexibility… with structure, should the need arise. We will keep adding to this page as we discover or create new resources that we think might be helpful. Email our team at stli@wm.edu if you have a resource you think we should include or a question or topic that we haven’t yet addressed. Until then, let’s hope for clear skies!

COVID Class Contingencies

Faculty might find it beneficial to have strategies in place for scenarios in which we have students isolating (or quarantining) for what could be 2 weeks of class. The overall goal is to allow the student(s) to continue their studies safely during the isolation period. These could include:

  • Lecture capture for all classes (please contact support@wm.edu for assistance in recording classrooms sessions in Panopto and posting them to Blackboard). View joint IT/STLI webinar recording on creating recordings of classroom teaching.
  • Post slides or access to other course materials on Blackboard or make available otherwise
  • Identify students willing to share notes and/or meet remotely
  • Faculty office hours / remote appointments with students

You know your class and your content best to determine the most effective way forward for students. Also please remember that some of our students may live with children under 12 who are not yet eligible for a vaccine and may need to quarantine or isolate. Please email stli@wm.edu to consult with us to think through contingency plans throughout the semester.

Embrace Alternative Assessments