Online Teaching Program

Online Teaching Program

In the past, STLI has collaborated with undergraduate Liberal Arts & Sciences and the William & Mary Washington Center to facilitate the development and delivery of online and hybrid courses for the 2019-2020 academic year. In this program, we offer a semester-long Online Faculty Development Seminar for novice online instructors, ongoing faculty development for instructors in the apprentice through mastery stages of online instruction, instructional design consultation and support, video production consultation and support, and ongoing assessment of online/hybrid offerings with feedback and advisement for instructors. 

Support we offer

Online Faculty Development Seminar


Stage-Based Faculty Development




Media & Video Production Support


Instructional Design Support

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Connect with Katalin Wargo, Instructional Design Manager

Katalin is responsible for the design and delivery of faculty professional learning opportunities related to course design and development of in-person, blended, and online courses.  She provides transformative professional learning experiences to instructors at all career stages to enhance their instructional practice.