Programming Overview

Programming Overview

Community Conversations

Community Conversations serve as an opportunity to share your ideas about broader topics within the William & Mary community at large. These conversations will help instructional faculty, co-educators, and students alike understand the complex landscapes and ecosystems of teaching and learning at William & Mary. These conversations, intended to stimulate innovative ideas and understand difficult problems, are led by STLI certified facilitators.


When participants come to workshops they can expect to discuss various teaching and learning topics, share instructional problems of practice, offer suggestions to others, and gain strategies to implement in their own courses. Workshops are led by STLI facilitators and campus partners.

Learning Labs

Learning Labs are an opportunity for people throughout the William & Mary community to acquire a new skill or create a new product. Whether you’re interested in video editing or podcasting or learning how to collaborate with your students and colleagues, Learning Labs offer in-depth lessons taught by experts.

Teaching & Learning Talks

Teaching & Learning Talks (TLTs) are structured as a three-part series designed to explore new teaching & learning methods and practices. Intended to appeal to a broad audience at W&M, the three sessions are bound by a unifying framework. The goal of each session is to explore and expand our teaching and learning practices. TLTs serve as a gateway for “deeper dives” into these practices as needed and showcase W&M’s faculty work.

Annual Events

Teaching & Learning Symposium

The Teaching & Learning Symposium celebrates learning across the university and promotes new ideas and connections. This campus-wide event will highlight sessions, discussions, and presentations about unique or effective teaching techniques, concepts, and approaches.

Digital Humanities Symposium

The Digital Humanities Symposium brings together faculty and co-educators from across William & Mary to share research and course development practices in a variety of venues, from lectures to round table discussions to poster presentations to in-depth workshops.