STLI Podcasts

STLI Podcasts


These Unprecedented Times

Unprecedented Times is a student-created podcast series exploring the challenges of learning in the difficult times of a a pandemic and political unrest. STLI student partners Claire Hogan hosts the podcast along with Sophie Hamilton and Jacob Hall.


Adventures in Teaching

Adventures in Teaching explores insights, techniques, and lessons learned by W&M faculty members. We discuss their favorite inspirational texts and meaningful assignments, and hear about pitfalls and problems they’ve overcome in the classroom.


Digital Fluency

Digital Fluency is a special, limited run podcast series led by STLI Associate Director of Academic Innovation Adam Barger. In this series, we explore how to make the digital world, beyond just the hardware, work for you instead of against you. 

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Roy is responsible for producing content across a variety of platforms, including instructor-led videos and lectures. Roy also manages the educational media production assistant student partners. He is learning how to make great pour-over coffee.