Student Partner Program

Student Partner Program

The Student Partner Program is designed to support faculty in teaching engaging and effective blended and remote courses. 2020 – 2021 positions include Synchronous Teaching Assistant, Asynchronous Teaching Assistant, and Educational Media Production Assistant. Moving forward, STLI proposes to expand the program in Spring 2021. STLI aspires to leverage existing partnerships at W&M, positioning Student Partners to help faculty solve problems they encounter in their teaching, explore new opportunities, and integrate digital tools and resources with a student perspective in a wider capacity.

STLI has given me incredible opportunities for learning and growth. I’ve interviewed influential students from all walks of life, talked to professors about their teaching philosophy and filmmakers about their career paths.

Claire Hogan

EdMedia Assistant

I’m thrilled to make connections with faculty and be given opportunities to familiarize myself with new software and gain new skills that will make me a marketable employee after graduation.

Abigail Gutleben

Synchronous Teaching Assistant // Communications Assistant

The Studio for Teaching & Learning Innovation has allowed me so much creative freedom. Beyond the projects we do for William & Mary faculty, we [the media production assistants] are offered support in our own projects and pursuits”

Jacob Hall

EdMedia Assistant

2020 – 2021 Student Partner Positions

Synchronous Teaching Assistant

Synchronous Teaching Assistants support faculty by providing assistance for live instruction using various videoconference tools and technologies. They often schedule and manage Zoom breakout rooms and post recordings and arrange for captioning on Blackboard.

Asynchronous Teaching Assistant

Our Asynchronous Teaching Assistants support faculty in a variety of online teaching functions as they deliver blended courses. They provide assistance with tools and technologies used in blended learning to include Blackboard, Google Tools, Zoom, and Panopto. 

Educational Media Production Assistant

Our Educational Media Production Assistants support the studio’s Instructional Design Manager and Educational Media Design and Production Specialist by developing, editing, and posting educational media materials for instructors teaching blended or online courses.

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Connect with Mark Hofer, STLI Director

Mark serves as the primary point of contact for collaborations and partnerships across campus and beyond to chart a strategic, sustainable, and impactful direction for the studio. He also oversees selected programs including the Student Partner Program and experiential learning.