Student Partner Program

Student Partner Program

We are excited to announce new opportunities for our Student Partner Program (SPP) launching Fall 2021. We have restructured the program to provide focused areas of work that will best support faculty needs. These areas include:

• Student Observation Partners – Partner with faculty for targeted classroom observations
• Student Accessibility Partners – Assist students and faculty with accessibility needs
• Student Feedback & Ideation Partners – Provide feedback and brainstorming for class materials
• Student Media Production Partners – Design and produce educational media

As integral members of the STLI team, our partners will also participate in special projects, faculty engagement duties, and professional development trainings. Our partners will also have the opportunity to work cross-functionally based on their interests. We are actively recruiting students this summer.


STLI has given me incredible opportunities for learning and growth. I’ve interviewed influential students from all walks of life, talked to professors about their teaching philosophy and filmmakers about their career paths.

Claire Hogan

EdMedia Assistant

I’m thrilled to make connections with faculty and be given opportunities to familiarize myself with new software and gain new skills that will make me a marketable employee after graduation.

Abigail Gutleben

Synchronous Teaching Assistant // Communications Assistant

The Studio for Teaching & Learning Innovation has allowed me so much creative freedom. Beyond the projects we do for William & Mary faculty, we [the media production assistants] are offered support in our own projects and pursuits”

Jacob Hall

EdMedia Assistant

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Connect with Mark Hofer, STLI Director

Mark serves as the primary point of contact for collaborations and partnerships across campus to chart a strategic, sustainable, and impactful direction for the studio. He also oversees the Student Partner Program, experiential learning, and more.