Future Student Partners

Future Student Partners

Student partners will gain working knowledge of various programs and certifications that will contribute to their success at William & Mary and beyond. Students are trained to use the CASPA model developed in STLI to support consultations and training for multimedia projects. Student Partners explore and recommend the use of other software and tools from a list of recommended tools from STLI in consideration of the goals of the class relevance, accessibility, ease of use, and opportunities to collaborate. Student Partners designated to media production develop and practice skills with industry-standard media tools in the Adobe Creative Cloud suite of tools, meet and learn from industry professionals, create content for their personal media portfolios, and gain working experience with clients to deliver impactful media. We will be accepting student partner applications at a later date.

What skills or tools will I learn as a student partner?

• Zoom

• Blackboard

• Panopto

• Google Suite

• Microsoft Office 365

• Poll Everywhere

• Google Educator Certifications

• Adobe Creative Cloud

• Flipgrid

• Padlet

• Design Thinking

• Feedback & Observation Strategies

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Connect with Mark Hofer, STLI Director

Mark serves as the primary point of contact for collaborations and partnerships across campus to chart a strategic, sustainable, and impactful direction for the studio. He also oversees the Student Partner Program, experiential learning, and more.