Instructors & Co-Educators

Instructors & Co-Educators

Our definition of partnership is guided by research on student-faculty partnership by Cook-Sather, Bovill and Felten (2014) on developing productive student-faculty partnerships in higher education. Student-faculty partnership is framed as a pedagogical transformation, “a collaborative, reciprocal process through which all participants have the opportunity to contribute equally, although not necessarily in the same ways, to curricular or pedagogical conceptualization, decision making, implementation, investigation, or analysis” (Cook-Sather, Bovill & Felten, 2014, pp.6-7).

Student-Faculty Partnership Value:

• Students are active collaborators and contributors in teaching and learning. Faculty members invite and benefit from this student perspective and collaboration. 

• Faculty members explore what kinds of learning needs and interests students have, and incorporate them into their teaching.

What can a student partner help with?

Student Partners can assist you with:

• Feedback on course materials from a students’ perspective
• Classroom observation and feedback at your direction
• Assistance with Blackboard, Google Tools, and other ed tech tools for learning
• Assistance with media production
• Assistance with identifying ways to make your course more accessible for all students

Student Partners cannot assist you with:

• Traditional TA tasks 
• Grading of student work
• Expert guidance on teaching, learning, and technology

Resources & Additional Information

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Mark serves as the primary point of contact for collaborations and partnerships across campus to chart a strategic, sustainable, and impactful direction for the studio. He also oversees the Student Partner Program, experiential learning, and more.