University Partnerships & Collaborations

University Partners & Collaborations

STLI focuses on leading innovative teaching and learning efforts through collaboration and university-wide thinking. Crucial to the studio’s work are the partnerships and working relationships fostered among other campus units and co-educators. In its first academic year as a unit, the studio fostered existing partnerships carried over from W&M eLearning Initiatives and developed new ones. In all of these efforts, STLI sought to foreground student learning in a holistic sense. Accordingly, an emphasis is placed on under-utilized collaborations with non-academic units. These efforts yielded positive relationships and actionable projects to bolster STLI’s position as an interdisciplinary and broad-based unit dedicated to strengthening the overall learning environment at W&M through collaboration and innovation.

Partner Spotlight

W&M Libraries

Physically located in Swem Library, the Studio for Teaching & Learning Innovation regularly collaborates with a range of partners in the library through programming, events, and initiatives. From our Advisory Council to Teaching Innovation Fellows to Educational Media Production Assistants, W&M Libraries is an integral partner for STLI’s mission and vision....

Sharing Authority: The Highland & Lemon Project

Sharing Authority: Highland & Lemon Project STLI supports aspects of a Mellon Grant to explore and build learning experiences with input from community stakeholders. Specifically, we work with James Monroe’s Highland and the Lemon Project at W&M to engage the...
Arts & Sciences Graduate Center

Graduate students who are interested in careers in academia desire preparation for teaching. STLI coordinates with the A&S Graduate Center to invite graduate students to relevant programming and workshops. We are also working together to design a microcredential program in teaching and learning for graduate students.

Center for the Liberal Arts

Chris Nemachek, director of the CLA is a key member of the STLI Advisory Council. We also work closely with the CLA Fellows on ways to align programming for teaching and learning between the two units.

Center for Mindfulness & Authentic Excellence

In the COVID-19 pandemic the importance of focusing on wellness for faculty and students has been brought to the fore. STLI partners with the Center for Mindfulness & Authentic Excellence to offer workshops and resources for faculty to promote their own wellness as well as to create a positive climate for wellness in the classroom.

Dean of Students Office

STLI collaborates with the Dean of Students Office to develop and disseminate student feedback surveys for faculty to deploy and a university-wide student survey during the Spring 2020 semester. We also collaborate to offer training and resources for instructors to encourage integrity and promote academic honesty in the classroom.

W&M Information Technology

We meet regularly with W&M Information Technology to discuss projects, challenges, and ways to best support faculty to leverage technology in their teaching. We are currently collaborating on an academic innovation project centered on using Gradescope as well as reviewing the suite of tools available for teaching in our digital learning environment.

W&M Libraries

STLI works closely with our partners in the Library on a range of projects and initiatives. The Reeder Media Center is an excellent partner on the development of innovative educational media and supporting our Ed Media Student Partners. The library educators collaborate with us to offer training and workshops for faculty. We also work together to host the annual Teaching & Learning Innovation Symposium.

Muscarelle Museum of Art

STLI supported the Muscarelle Museum of Art’s virtual exhibition, The Rising, curated by nine Anthropology and Native Studies students. The exhibit explored the Red Power Movement of the late 1960s and early 1970s, with period photos, video clips, and audio files. The exhibition is a culmination of a senior seminar on Native American sovereignty taught by Danielle Moretti-Langholtz.

Professional Schools

Co-educators in the Mason School of Business and the School of Education are key collaborators with STLI. We work closely together to align programming for faculty. We also develop learning materials and resources together to support faculty across the university.

Office of Diversity & Inclusion

STLI coordinates with the Office of Diversity and Inclusion to explore ways to help faculty to make their classrooms inclusive and vibrant learning environments for all students.

Student Accessibility Services

STLI coordinates with the Office of Student Accessibility Services to promote best practices for accessibility in teaching and learning. We also collaborate to offer training and resources to instructors.

Sharing Authority: Highland & Lemon Project

STLI supports aspects of a Mellon Grant to explore and build learning experiences with input from community stakeholders. Specifically, we work with James Monroe’s Highland and the Lemon Project at W&M to engage the descendant community and faculty scholars in exploring W&M’s history with race relations.

University Registrar

STLI coordinates with the University Registrar on classroom and instructional spaces across the university, including planning for the design of new classroom spaces.

Whole of Government Center of Excellence

STLI partners with Whole of Government Center of Excellence (WoG) to design, develop, and deliver high-quality digital learning experiences to government and military learners. In collaboration with W&M’s experts in Political Science, Public Policy, Business, and more, STLI helps meet the personalized learning demands of adult learners through well-designed online and hybrid WoG programs.

Writing Resource Center

One function of the Writing Resource Center is to support faculty in their implementation of COLL 100 and 150 courses. STLI coordinates with the WRC to consider how we can partner on training and student partner support for these important initiatives.

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Mark serves as the primary point of contact for collaborations and partnerships across campus and beyond to chart a strategic, sustainable, and impactful direction for the studio. He also oversees selected programs including the Student Partner Program and experiential learning.