Student Surveys

Student Surveys

STLI is pleased to offer you a variety of course feedback survey templates you can deploy quickly and easily. You have three survey types and two formats to choose from.

First, choose your survey type:

• Mid-Semester Review: This is the basic once-a-semester survey, 20 questions on connection, engagement, course materials, and teaching methods. Time to complete: 10-15 minutes

• Weekly Class Survey: This survey is better suited to deployment on a more regular basis, every week or every other week, for example. It puts a more collaborative spin on student surveys and gives them some opportunity for self-reflection. Time to complete: 10 minutes

• Daily Student Reflection: This survey is more time-intensive for the instructor, who is asked to include objectives for each day’s lesson for the students to reflect on. This survey generally works best closer to the beginning of the semester, and only for a week or two until students get the hang of it. Time to complete: 5-10 minutes

Then, choose your survey format:

• Google Forms: This is the basic, and easier, option. If you haven’t used either Google Forms or Poll Everywhere, we suggest you start with Google Forms. Forms are created for each class and sent via email to students to complete. Results can be viewed directly in Google Forms or saved to a spreadsheet. W&M G-Suite login required.

• Poll Everywhere: This option is best if you are already using Poll Everywhere in your course, or if you are interested in trying out Poll Everywhere. You and your students can use your W&M information to log in and use Poll Everywhere at no cost.