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Learn, Discover, Innovate Grant Program

The Studio for Teaching & Learning Innovation (STLI) invites applications for the 2022-2023 Learn, Discover, Innovate Grant Program. The funding is designed to encourage and support innovative ideas, practices, programming, and approaches that enhance teaching and learning at William & Mary. For the 2022-2023 academic year, we will award three grants up to $3,000 each. Recipients can use grant funds to pay for books, supplies, materials, equipment, software, fees, travel, or professional learning to support their proposed project.

This opportunity is one of STLI’s ongoing efforts to connect, collaborate, and serve as a hub for advancing teaching and learning across W&M through:

  •  Inspiring new ideas and approaches related to teaching and learning
  •  Fostering the adoption and development of effective and inclusive teaching practices
  •  Advancing student engagement and teaching excellence across W&M

Explore program details below!

Eligibility to Apply:

  • Full-time faculty, staff, graduate students, and postdocs at William & Mary

Application Deadline:

  • Submit the completed proposal by October 17, 2022, at 5:00 pm (EST)

Proposal Guidelines/Format

  • In your proposal, please include the following information. Specifically, please address the following questions (your answer to each question should not exceed 200 words)
Affiliations (if applicable)

Question 1: Present the “elevator pitch” for your proposed initiative in three sentences (problem, solution, value proposition)

Question 2: What challenge or need will your initiative address? Why is this challenge compelling?

Question 3: Describe your proposed solution to the problem/need/challenge. What outcomes do you expect? What does success look like?

Question 4: What do you imagine are the most effective ways to share this initiative with the broader University community and/or the public? What proposed deliverable will help share your work and results? (Examples could include a workshop presentation, an article or blog post, a mini-course, etc.)

Question 5: Please briefly explain the budget for your proposed project (i.e., how will the fund be used?)

How to Apply:

  • Submit your proposal in PDF format no later than 5:00 pm (EST), October 17, 2022
  • Submit it to Yujie at
  • Please use “Learn, Discover, Innovate Grant Program Application” in the subject line of your submission email
  • Meet eligibility requirements as specified for the fund
  • Demonstrate a clear plan of the proposed project/initiative
  • Provide clear goals and plans for using the fund

Score Descriptors

0 – No evidence included in application/Does not exist
1 – Insufficient evidence of meeting criterion
2 – Meets criterion
3 – Exceeds criterion


Alignment with grant objectives The project aligns with grant objectives __ x 2 = ___
Contribution to teaching and learning at W&M The project highlights practices that can be integrated into W&M courses that will help to improve students’ learning experience across various disciplines __ x 2 = ___
Clarity The project is clearly described and can be successfully implemented as described __ x 2 = ___
Potential for future collaboration The project lays out a potential path to collaborate with colleagues across departments and colleges __ x 2 = ___
  • Schedule at least one meeting with Yujie (45 minutes /meeting)
  • Complete all required deliverables (See Below) by May 26, 2023
  • Participate in a debrief session (1 hour) to provide feedback for future programming
  • **Optional**
    • Recipients are encouraged to showcase their work at conferences or other professional development communities


Deliverables Deadline
Project final report (about 500 words) June 2023
A 3-minute video that summarizes your project (Yujie will work with you on this) July 2023
Attend the 2023 STLI Teaching & Learning Symposium April 2023
Time Description
September 20, 2022 Phase 1: Call for Proposals
October 17, 2022 Phase 2: Submission Deadline
October 31, 2022 Phase 3: Announcement for Grant Recipients
November 2022 – April 2023 Phase 4: Project
May 26, 2023 Phase 5: Final Deliverable Submission

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