Our Story

Welcome to the Studio

The Studio for Teaching & Learning Innovation was established in 2019 to break through disciplinary silos, adopt appropriate new technologies, and more strongly connect with and lead colleagues across the university to advance teaching excellence. Our desire to connect, collaborate, and serve as a hub for instructors, co-educators, and students alike pushes us daily to serve our community in responsive and strategic ways.

Housed on the ground floor of Swem Library, STLI embodies the institution’s commitment to expanding, enhancing, and improving our students’ educational experiences.  William & Mary combines teaching excellence with research innovation. As we continue striving to become the preeminent Liberal Arts & Sciences university of the 21st Century, we must further strengthen our abilities to promote learning, generate discovery, and advance innovation. The establishment of an integrated Studio for Teaching & Learning Innovation serves to coordinate existing initiatives devoted to teaching effectiveness while creating new opportunities to ignite and incubate innovative ideas and approaches, and to showcase these at our institution and beyond.





The Studio for Teaching & Learning Innovation inspires and catalyzes the development of transformative teaching and learning experiences.

We work together with courage, positive intent, and grace to sustain an inclusive and vibrant learning community for faculty, students, and staff across the university.



• Connect with and lead educators at all career stages and with all types of appointments, including students with teaching roles, from across the university

• Function as a connector and hub, coordinating and collaborating across the university for opportunities that support student learning

• Serve as an incubator for academic innovation efforts that encompass multiple units to further the academic mission of the university

• Offer learning opportunities through a variety of programs, observations, online resources, and individual/program consultations

• Support communities of practice, at William & Mary and beyond, to explore new possibilities for teaching and learning

• Serve as a repository for resources, materials, and case studies of teaching and learning

• Embrace students’ perspectives, including them as consultants and collaborators

• Recognize and elevate the experience and expertise within our community as well as inviting in outside experts to support our efforts