Community Programming

Community Programming Overview


STLI Community Programming is avaliable to all William & Mary instructors and co-educators. We provide four program types to facilitate excellence in teaching through various experiences and cohorts. Explore the program types below and use our matrix to learn more about what works for you. Visit our calendar for upcoming programming. 

STLI Programming Matrix
Teaching & Learning Talks

Teaching & Learning Talks (TLTs) focus on topics expected to have broad appeal across all disciplines at W&M. These sessions may offer an initial introduction to practices, theoretical frameworks, and case studies that participants may not be familiar with or have yet to explore. Target participants require no previous expertise and wish to explore the topic as they consider applying it. STLI often invites faculty presenters to share their knowledge and experiences during these sessions. 


Workshops often closely follow a specific Teaching & Learning Talk and allow participants to put the methods and ideas presented there into practice. Workshop participants leave with draft or finished resources for use int their courses that utilize newly acquired or improved skills and methods. Workshops are almost always presented exclusively by STLI team members.

Community Conversations

Community Conversations gather participants to discuss and explore a specific topic in depth. Participants are likely to already have some experience in the topic. In these sessions, a panel of faculty members often presents and discusses their specific experiences and use cases. As with Teaching & Learning Talks, these sessions focus more on exploration rather than creating an actual product.

Learning Labs

Learning Labs provide a quick introduction to a granular practice, tool, or idea that instructors can put into implement quickly. As with Workshops, these sessions are usually presented by STLI staff. Unlike Workshops, a Learning Lab often provides a first introduction to the subject matter to participants. Quick Bites, 30-minute Zoom sessions, are currently the primary type of Learning Lab offered.

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Connect with Pablo Yañez, Senior Data, Technology, & Innovation Program Manager

Pablo is responsible for innovative digital tools, programming, and teaching practices related to science labs and large classes.  As a geologist with research and teaching experience, Pablo is interested in teaching and learning in the science fields.