Academic Innovation

University Teaching & Learning Project

The University Teaching & Learning Project brings together a cross-disciplinary group of faculty members to explore innovative methods, problems of practice, and new approaches to teaching at William & Mary. For 2022 – 2023 we are exploring teaching and research applications for augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR). Interested? Contact Pablo Yanez to learn more.


Through a partnership with qualitative researchers across the university, STLI is piloting MAXQDA, and qualitative data analysis software with individual and collaborative research capabilities. To learn more, contact Adam Barger.

Past Projects

University Teaching & Learning Projects

2021 – 2022 groups included: Teaching Qualitative Research with MAXQDA and Exploring Open-Mindedness Across the Curriculum.


Digital Learning Environment Evaluation

The Digital Learning Environment Evaluation is a collaborative team from W&M Information Technology, STLI, and University Libraries charged with exploring how best to make our digital learning environment work for us. Surveys, focus groups, tool inventories, and design thinking sessions inform our process of surfacing key priorities for the next iteration of teaching & learning in a digital world.

Stage-Gate Approach

STLI structures academic innovation efforts with a stage-gate approach developed specifically for the W&M learning environment and institutional context.

Gradescope Pilot at W&M

Gradescope is a suite of online tools used to assist with many aspects of grading by incorporating machine learning and artificial intelligence to greatly reduce redundant work by providing groupings of identical or similar answers, and distributing feedback to these groups.

Have additional questions?

Connect with Adam Barger, Associate Director for Academic Innovation & Digital Learning

Adam oversees STLI's digital teaching and learning programs and collaborates with faculty and staff across campus to explore new and innovative teaching approaches and technologies. He equips faculty and campus partners with pedagogical and technological resources for their teaching and research goals.

Have additional questions?

Connect with Pablo Yañez, Technology & Innovation Program Manager

Pablo is responsible for innovative digital tools, programming, and teaching practices related to science labs and large classes.  As a geologist with research and teaching experience, Pablo is interested in teaching and learning in the science fields.