Spring 2021 Teaching & Learning Talks – Student Engagement

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The Instructor’s Perspective [1st Session]

Facilitated by Pablo Yañez, Mark Hofer, and Paul Heideman |  February 18, 2021

STLI Director Mark Hofer and STLI Fellow and Professor Paul Heideman kick off the first T&L Talk by exploring engagement from the instructor’s perspective, including how it affects achieving our teaching objectives and personal teaching satisfaction.

The Student’s Perspective [2nd Session]

Facilitated by Pablo Yañez, Adam Barger, Roxane Adler Hickey with DC Peer Ambassadors Katie Kasperson, RJ Hewitt, and Sophia Saberdine |  March 17, 2021

During this session, we focus on engagement from the student perspective. W&M students discuss how engagement affects their learning experiences, and how W&M instructors design courses and course work to leverage student engagement to improve learning outcomes.

Engagement Beyond the Pandemic [3rd Session]

Facilitated by Pablo Yañez, Heather Macdonald, and Abi Gutleben |  April 14, 2021

Events of the last 14 months have challenged teaching and learning at W&M in significant and unprecedented ways. W&M instructors have found new and innovative ways to address these challenges, and along the way found solutions that may be “keepers” beyond COVID-19.