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November 1, 2022 • Adam Barger

Teaching is inherently collaborative. It involves the instructor, the learner, and the context of an institution. So, if we want to improve our teaching, we should do so together. As Drive-Thru Pedagogy (DTP) gears up for a third year in the blogosphere, we want your help equipping fellow educators with new ideas, practical tips, and research-based methods.

Here at DTP we pride ourselves on offering quick tips based on praxis. How can we do that more effectively? Here are four instructional values at William & Mary that offer some direction.

  • 1.) Put our pedagogical ideas within reach.

Instructors know their discipline and the signature pedagogies that have proven effective. Let’s find ways to connect our preferred methods with our classrooms.This includes familiarity with the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning and actively participating in professional learning networks.

  • 2.) Support growth and renewal through professional learning.

Learning about the possibilities of improved teaching requires purpose and intention. What innovations are emerging in your field? What is possible in your classroom? These questions are best explored through shared experiences with colleagues. Seek learning opportunities at William & Mary and beyond and make time on your calendar to be an active participant.

  • 3.) Face instructional challenges from a solutions-based perspective.

We all have challenges in our teaching, and the solution for your challenge is out there somewhere! One way to encourage a solutions-based perspective is to observe and participate in other learning environments. Visit a colleague’s class, ask a colleague to visit yours, or schedule a meeting with a teaching consultant and brainstorm together.

  • 4.) Maximize efficiency in instructional tasks with curated tools and resources.

How does your digital learning environment support your teaching? At William & Mary, we have a rich collection of curated teaching resources and digital tools to help you accomplish your instructional goals more efficiently. If you are curious about what is on the educational technology horizon, consider browsing resources at EDUCAUSE.

Help us help you as we lean into our instructional values. If you have ideas that support the values above, consider submitting your work for publication with DTP, or nominate a colleague to share their experiences. Have an idea you’d like to explore? Consider partnering with STLI to research the idea and post our lessons learned. What better way to improve our praxis than through the collaborative experience of teaching and learning together?

In the spirit of collaboration, I’d like to welcome our new Assistant Editor, Chris Belote. Chris works with STLI on communications and connecting with our community. The rest of our editing team remains the same; Diana Theisinger and I continue our roles as Associate Editor and Editor, respectively. We look forward to boosting your ideas and learning from your experiences.

Meet the Author

Adam Barger 

Interim-Director, Studio for Teaching & Learning Innovation

Adam oversees STLI’s digital teaching and learning programs and collaborates with faculty and staff across campus to explore new and innovative teaching approaches and technologies. He equips faculty and campus partners with pedagogical and technological resources for their teaching and research goals.