Quick Bites Workshop: Microsoft Bookings

STLI Quick Bites Workshop: Microsoft Bookings 

February 22nd, 2023 • Bethany Gardner

Faculty Engagement Assistant Director Mike Blum hosted a Quick Bites Workshop discussing the benefits of utilizing Microsoft Bookings to schedule meetings with your colleagues. “Microsoft Bookings may be tricky for some folks to set up so it really works for them, but STLI is here to help. In fact, you can even use Microsoft Bookings to schedule an appointment to meet with us!  – Mike Blum.”

Microsoft Bookings is a great tool to make scheduling appointments easy. Whether you’re booking 15 minute appointments with your students or scheduling coffee with a colleague, Bookings is the way to go. Bookings is slick, looks professional, and links directly to your Outlook Calendar to make sure you’re available. In last week’s Quick Bites, STLI’s Mike Blum highlighted some of the basic features of the software and how you can use it to organize your life and save time scheduling. If you missed the session, or just want to refresh your memory, you can watch the below. STLI consultants are also available to help you incorporate Bookings into your teaching. Click here to book a consultation with a STLI consultant.