The Studio for Teaching & Learning Innovation offers faculty, students, and staff from across disciplines opportunities to collaborate with one another and learn about diverse modes of teaching and learning and new technologies. 

What we offer


Meet with one of our skilled managers to discuss your syllabus, teaching modalities, and best practices for academic technologies.


We create and curate resources including tutorials and short courses focused on concepts important to teaching & learning.

Academic Innovation

Through a stage-gate framework, we evaluate and track innovation projects and programs around teaching praxis, educational technology, and digital learning.


We offer a variety of programming and events including learning labs, workshops, community conversations, and Teaching & Learning Talks.


Instructional Design

We offer resources, support, and professional development for course design and delivery across modalities. 

Partnerships & Opportunities

We function as a hub and connector for teaching and learning initiatives at W&M. We actively seek opportunities to partner and collaborate across the university and beyond.



Spring 2023 TLT: Rethinking Assessment in a New Digital Age

The rapid transformation of our digital ecosystem is having an increasing impact on how we assess learning. Are you striving to assess students in meaningful and constructive ways? Do you worry that recent developments in artificial intelligence (aka ChatGPT) will negatively impact the authenticity of student work and decrease their depth of understanding? During this TLT, we focused on how we can adjust our assessment strategies to adapt to a new digital landscape and leverage digital tools to work for us, rather than against us...

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What is Connection Through Reflection?

Instructors can help students connect their own interests to their courses using this simple tool developed by STLI Faculty Fellow Joan Gavaler and STLI Assistant Director Mike Blum. They presented their workshop on Connection through Reflection at the Conference on Higher Education Pedagogy (CHEP) at Virginia Tech on Thursday, February 16th, 2023. There’s a helpful worksheet and a short course for anyone who’d like to learn more about the exercise....

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Academic Innovation Projects

Story School



The Human Professor: Opening up to Promote Engagement

The Human Professor: Opening up to Promote Engagement

Do you remember that even in the classroom you are still a full, dynamic, interesting, entire human being? Along the way, instructors sometimes pick up the message that they must maintain strict walls between students and themselves. Yet our imaginary walls may prevent us from making essential connections that support learning. We can share our humanity while maintaining professionalism if we interrogate the assumptions behind what it means to be “professional.” …

Managing the Emotional Aspects of Dialogic Engagement: Five Tips for Faculty

Managing the Emotional Aspects of Dialogic Engagement: Five Tips for Faculty

Dialogic engagement – the process of facilitating learning by asking a series of focused questions in the classroom – can be an emotional experience for both students and faculty. Students accustomed to learning through lectures might experience dialogic engagement as unsettling, and instructors who typically deliver prepared lectures might worry that this method will result in less control of the classroom….