New Faculty Mentorship Cohort

William & Mary prides itself on excellent teaching. Our culture of close collaboration between faculty and students is a hallmark of a W&M education, but what that means, and how an instructor becomes acclimated to that ethos, varies greatly from department to department, and program to program. STLI seeks to give all new instructors the opportunity to learn from seasoned instructors, as well as from each other about teaching at W&M to develop their networks of support and collaboration from the very start.

What to expect:

• New William & Mary faculty members will have the opportunity to join the STLI New Faculty Mentorship Cohort

• We will introduce new instructional faculty to a variety of problems of practice in teaching at a series of 3 facilitated sessions each semester

• Sessions will pair groups of new instructors with faculty mentors, who will offer their insights and suggestions, share ideas, and learn from each other

• In addition to these regularly scheduled facilitation sessions, new instructors interested in individual mentoring will have the opportunity to meet with our faculty mentors in less formal group settings such as coffee hours or in one-on-one sessions for more targeted help or advice

• New instructors may also choose to schedule a classroom observation to delve even deeper into their teaching.

Tips from our New Faculty Mentors

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Connect with Mike Blum, Faculty Engagement Assistant Director

With more than 20 years at William & Mary, Mike's favorite type of projects are those that combine storytelling and technology. His current areas of focus are developing communities of practice and designing collaborative pathways for effective teaching and learning.