2022-2023 Learn, Discover, Innovate Grant Recipients

2022-2023 STLI Learn, Discover, Innovate Grant Recipients


Associate Professor of Biology


Assistant Professor School of Education


Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of Anthropology

Project Description: 

“Plants are at the heart of planet. While plant science plays a central role in our lives, national interest in plant science has been in a dangerous decline for decades. In this project, I seek to develop the campus into a College Arboretum with instructional capacity for all ages and skills that will fulfill the full vision of our predecessors and promote the recognition, maintenance, and enhancement of our gift from plants”

Project Description:

“Statistical methods in the social science have traditionally been taught from a white, Eurocentric perspective which is reflected in the course materials and resources available to instructors. In this project, I propose gathering and creating teaching materials and resources that draw on critical, race-conscious perspectives for instructors interested in teaching statistical methods from a more inclusive pedagogical lens.”

Project Description:

“In a context wherein student learning is expected to feature expanded modalities, archaeological laboratory and field training is still heavily reliant on in-person experiential skill-building. I propose a production of high-quality and accessible videos of the process of conducting ten laboratory and field processes which can be available for students, especially those who require such opportunities due to financial or other constraints.”