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December 21, 2020 • Adam Barger

Educators live in a world of competing priorities. We know the stress that accompanies our responsibilities for preparing lessons, providing students with feedback, designing assessments, maintaining office hours, and so much more. We need to motivate students while managing the practical aspects of running a class. As educators, we want to be effective and efficient. These are constant challenges that contribute to a common question: how can we take meaningful steps forward in our teaching while navigating a complex teaching environment? Answer: focus on quick wins, proven methods, and practical applications with Drive-Thru Pedagogy, the teaching and learning blog from William & Mary’s Studio for Teaching & Learning Innovation (STLI).


STLI exists at the intersection of learning, discovery, and innovation. We seek to enhance the learning environment at W&M and beyond by connecting people, ideas, and practices. Drive-Thru Pedagogy makes these connections in a busy world through concise and insightful perspectives for successful teaching. Stop by frequently for sound advice and innovative ideas anchored in the praxis of our shared educational profession. From instructional methods and classroom activities to student feedback and assessment, here you’ll find a range of insights from fellow educators that understand and appreciate the craft of teaching. You can expect quick reads with concrete steps for application along with links to further resources. You will hear from the teachers and learners at William & Mary as well as colleagues from other institutions. Our goal is to bring you actionable content with every post.


To make Drive-Thru Pedagogy a success, STLI welcomes the inaugural editorial team: Adam Barger (Editor), Amber Donnelly (Associate Editor), and Kimberly Rodriguez (Assistant Editor). Together, we will publish the pedagogical advice and perspectives that you can bring to your own teaching and share with others. We are grateful for the support of STLI to launch this new contribution to the field as we learn, discover, and innovate together.


So, what about those competing priorities and anxious feelings that come with today’s teaching environment? We see them as opportunities to improve together. We welcome you to join us as we seek to flourish in the complex and dynamic field of teaching. This is bite-sized teaching advice in a big education world. This is a quick stop in a fast-moving profession. 

This is Drive-Thru Pedagogy. Stop by often and pick up something practical.

© 2020 Adam Barger. The text of this work is licensed under a Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 4.0 International License.

Meet the Author

Adam Barger
STLI Associate Director of Academic Innovation

Adam oversees the studio’s digital teaching and learning programs and collaborates with faculty and staff across campus to explore new and innovative teaching approaches and technologies. He equips faculty and campus partners with pedagogical and technological resources for their teaching and research goals.

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