Course Design: Student Projects with CASPA


What It Is

CASPA is a multimodal instructional design model with 5 stages: Consume, Analyze, Scaffold, Produce, and Assess. The CASPA model provides a   framework for creating multimodal assignments through embedding relevant skill-building and feedback opportunities. 

Why It Matters

Using multimodal assessment strategies builds skills beyond the classroom and allows learners to demonstrate knowledge relevant to the subject area. These strategies foster career and interpersonal communication. Morel and Keahey (2016) found that student-created multimedia projects in higher education online courses encouraged skills such as project planning and time management. The process of creating a multimedia project reinforces prior learning while developing critical thinking and analysis skills. Multimodal assessments can further create opportunities to apply knowledge in creative yet pragmatic ways by linking classroom success with personal success (Harper & Ross, 2011).

Apply it

For each step, the instructor should build in class time, learner collaboration time, and feedback conversations. Be sure to indicate in the course syllabus how and why these steps are accomplished.



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