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One Word Entry Into Class Discussion

One Word Entry Into Class Discussion

Many of us have been there. You’re trying to facilitate a discussion over Zoom, you pose a question, you wait the appropriately awkward amount of time and …crickets. Perhaps students aren’t sure what they want to say — it may be that they are tired — or they could just be shy. Whatever the issue, discussion falls flat when students don’t engage….

T&L Talks Series: The Instructor’s Perspective [1st Session]

T&L Talks Series: The Instructor’s Perspective [1st Session]

STLI is pleased to announce the Teaching & Learning Talks series for Spring 2021. This three-part series will focus on student engagement. Watch the opening session as STLI Director Mark Hofer and STLI Fellow and Professor Paul Heideman explore engagement from the instructor’s perspective, including how it affects achieving our teaching objectives and personal teaching satisfaction….

Building Your Course Around Design Principles

Building Your Course Around Design Principles

When you’re designing a new course or doing a major syllabus revision, where do you typically start? If you’re like me (and probably most instructors), you begin with the content. What are the key concepts, ideas, and understandings that I want students to take away from my course? Then, lay them out on the calendar and identify readings, activities, and assessments. …

Bolster Student Resilience without Changing Your Course

Bolster Student Resilience without Changing Your Course

Have you ever wanted to know how to help a student in distress? Do you want to make your class “less stressful,” but need ideas on how to do so? Join Meghan Sinton Miller, professor and STLI Fellow as she discusses ways to make classes flexible and supportive without having to change course content. Meghan also reviews ways to connect students to different support systems on-campus….


Blackboard is the Learning Management System utilized at William & Mary. We’re always working to provide tutorials on topics instructors need additional assistance with. If you don’t see a tutorial that answers your question, please contact our team….

Respectful Discussions in the Classroom: 2020 Election & Beyond*

In 2016, many of our students came to class the day after the election with questions and/or concerns about how the outcome of the election might affect them personally, or their families and friends. Regardless of what you teach, acknowledging the outcome of the election (or the likely lack of a known outcome in the days after Nov. 3) and your students’ different perspectives and concerns is likely to be important to them….

Student Engagement Tips and Tricks for New Faculty

Student Engagement Tips and Tricks for New Faculty

When we came together last semester for our STLI Workshop: Small Teaching for New Faculty Katalin Wargo and Candice Benjes-Small discussed the book Small Teaching and shared problems of practice. During this workshop, it was discovered that many of the faculty experiences related specifically to student engagement online. As William & Mary continues the academic year in a blended learning environment, Katalin and Candice invite new faculty to join the conversation and share tips and tricks to engage students online.

W&M Libraries

W&M Libraries

Physically located in Swem Library, the Studio for Teaching & Learning Innovation regularly collaborates with a range of partners in the library through programming, events, and initiatives. From our Advisory Council to Teaching Innovation Fellows to Educational Media Production Assistants, W&M Libraries is an integral partner for STLI’s mission and vision….

Vlogging for Online Courses with Higham & Co.

Vlogging for Online Courses with Higham & Co.

This special STLI workshop focused on the multimedia phenomenon known as vlogging and how you can use it in your online courses. Facilitated by Jeremy Higham of Higham & Company, the workshop will be broken up into two sections. In the first hour, Jeremy will discuss vlogging and how you can use it in your online courses. The second hour of the workshop will be dedicated to a hands-on demonstration. With extensive documentary experience, Higham has taught blogging both in the UK and India.

2021 ReVISION Bootcamp Live Sessions

2021 ReVISION Bootcamp Live Sessions

The ReVISION Bootcamp is an annual event for online instructors to revise their summer courses. New Tech Tools Sessions will highlight asynchronous/ synchronous tools that can be used in online courses. These sessions will walk through examples of how the tech tools have been used, provide useful links and resources, and offer time to ask questions. …

Welcome to Drive-Thru Pedagogy

Welcome to Drive-Thru Pedagogy

Educators live in a world of competing priorities. We know the stress that accompanies our responsibilities for preparing lessons, providing students with feedback, designing assessments, maintaining office hours, and so much more. …

Small Steps to Student Engagement & Connection

Small Steps to Student Engagement & Connection

Engaging and connecting with students in remote, blended, and even socially distanced classrooms is a challenge. In this participatory workshop hosted by STLI Director Mark Hofer, you will draw on student engagement research to design small steps and an iterative process to effect meaningful changes in your teaching.

Digital storytelling tools for class projects

Digital storytelling tools for class projects

In this 90 minute workshop, Mike Blum and Shannon White explored some of STLI’s favorite tools for creating digital storytelling projects. Google Sites, Microsoft Sway, and ArcGIS Story Maps are all easy to use, powerful storytelling tools that students can jump right into for short assignments, presentations, or larger projects. Learn how to make the most of these tools supported by W&M.

Poll Everywhere Fall 2020 Kickoff Session

Poll Everywhere Fall 2020 Kickoff Session

Are you considering using Poll Everywhere (PollEV), or maybe an early adopter or anything in-between? If so, watch as STLI and a Poll Everywhere representative discuss new features in PollEV, share tips for Fall 2020, and answer questions. 

Student Accessibility Services Q&A

Student Accessibility Services Q&A

Instructors and co-educators joined Associate Dean of Students & Director of Student Accessibility Services Lesley Henderson and Coordinator of Student Accessibility Services Anna Whiston as they answered questions about implementing SAS accommodations.


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Annual Report

Annual Report W&M Studio for Teaching & Learning Innovation // 2019 - 2020 Annual...

STLI Connects Newsletter Archive

STLI Connects Newsletter Archive 2020 - 20212019 - 2020   September 2020 October 2020 November 2020 December 2020 February 2021 March 2021 April 2021 May 2021 June 2021 July 2021 August 2021   September 2019 October 2019  November 2019 December 2019 January...

STLI Podcasts

STLI Podcasts 01 These Unprecedented Times Unprecedented Times is a student-created podcast series exploring the challenges of learning in the difficult times of a a pandemic and political unrest. STLI student partners Claire Hogan hosts the podcast along with Sophie...

Programming Overview

Programming Overview Community Conversations Community Conversations serve as an opportunity to share your ideas about broader topics within the William & Mary community at large. These conversations will help instructional faculty, co-educators, and students...

Online Teaching Program

Online Teaching Program In the past, STLI has collaborated with undergraduate Liberal Arts & Sciences and the William & Mary Washington Center to facilitate the development and delivery of online and hybrid courses for the 2019-2020 academic year. In this...

Connect With Us

Connect with us The studio is housed on the ground floor of Swem Library in room G64, providing a flexible, collaborative space for faculty, co-educators, and student partners. We have additional offices and workspaces are located in Morton Hall. Main Office...

Teaching Innovation Fellowship Program

Teaching Innovation Fellowship Program Funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation’s New President’s grant that supports institutional priorities identified by President Katherine Rowe, the STLI Teaching Innovation Fellows serve as pedagogical leaders and collaborators...

Student Partners

Meet the 2020 – 2021 Student Partners GRADUATE STUDENT PARTNERS Denise lewis Graduate Fellow   Kimberly Rodriguez Graduate Fellow & Assistant Blog Editor UNDERGRADUATE STUDENT PARTNERS SYDNEY Andes CRISTAL Badu RUTH Bekele EDWARD Clarke JORGE Conda...

Drive-Thru Pedagogy Blog

Drive-Thru Pedagogy Pick up something practical. One Word Entry Into Class Discussion Many of us have been there. You’re trying to facilitate a discussion over Zoom, you pose a question, you wait the appropriately awkward amount of time and …crickets. Perhaps students...

TI Fellows

Meet the 2020 – 2021 Teaching innovation fellows Candice benjes-small Head of Research Phone: 757.221.3068 Email: Kristin conradi smith Associate Professor, School of Education Phone: 757.221.6212 Email: Paul Heideman Professor,...

Advisory Council

Meet the 2020 – 2021 advisory council ROXANE Adler Hickey Interim Director, W&M Washington Center Phone: 202.836.8606 Email:   STEPHANIE Blackmon Associate Professor of Higher Education, School of Education Phone: 757.221.2419 Email:...

On-Demand Learning

On-Demand Learning 01 2021 Spring ToolkitThe toolkit is designed as a classic “Choose Your Own Adventure” pathway experience allowing you to navigate through the material in a way that fits your needs. The framework is designed to guide you through the toolkit based...

Event Recordings

Event Recordings  Panopto Access Required To watch event recordings, ensure you are logged into Panopto. Once you are logged in, select any video below for viewing. If you are experiencing issues, please email our team. LOGIN TO PANOPTO Workshop Archive Have...

Student Partner Program

Student Partner Program The Student Partner Program is designed to support faculty in teaching engaging and effective blended and remote courses. 2020 – 2021 positions include Synchronous Teaching Assistant, Asynchronous Teaching Assistant, and Educational Media...

Academic Innovation Ventures

Academic Innovation Ventures Academic Innovation is a critical focus of the studio, encompassing both new and novel approaches to teaching and learning. Collaborative efforts to support faculty and co-educators are imperative to the strategic exploration of designing...

Teaching & Learning Communities

Teaching & Learning Communities Collaboration is crucial in a thriving educational ecosystem, and there is nothing more important to successful collaboration than trusting partnerships built on teams working toward common goals. STLI develops and fosters a variety...

University Partnerships & Collaborations

University Partners & Collaborations STLI focuses on leading innovative teaching and learning efforts through collaboration and university-wide thinking. Crucial to the studio’s work are the partnerships and working relationships fostered among other campus units...

News & Media

News & Media News & Media Archive  Annual Report  Media Gallery  Newsletter Archive Have additional questions? Connect with Amber Donnelly, Communications & Outreach Coordinator Amber is responsible for strategic communications,...

Our Story

WELCOME TO THE STUDIO The Studio for Teaching & Learning Innovation was established in 2019 to break through disciplinary silos, adopt appropriate new technologies, and more strongly connect with and lead colleagues across the university to advance teaching...

The Team

Meet the TEAM ADAM BARGER Associate Director of Academic Innovation Phone: 757.221.1635 Email:   Mike blum Program Manager Phone: 757.879.5463 Email: Amber Donnelly Communications & Outreach Coordinator Phone: 757.221.2217 Email:...


Drive-Thru Pedagogy Pick up something practical.   Navigate your teaching journey with a little help from Drive-Thru Pedagogy. Pick up something practical and put it to use. Stop by often for practical tips and innovative ideas to invigorate your teaching. VIEW...